Business Cards Philadelphia: 11 Small Business Design Ideas

Business Cards Philadelphia

Business cards are one of the most important forms of marketing and advertisement you can give to your company, especially if you own a small business in Philadelphia.

Here are 11 popular small business card design ideas that will help you create the perfect cards to represent your brand and business. Not only will people be impressed by the design and style of your business card, but it’s also likely that they’ll keep it around long after your initial meeting or transaction.

1 – Lawn Care Business Cards

If you’re starting out in business, there’s a chance that you don’t have a lot of money to invest in your marketing materials. Fortunately, small-quantity business card printing is becoming increasingly popular for startups and small businesses.

Whether you’re a landscaper or run a lawn-care company, quality business cards are an essential tool in your marketing arsenal.

Make sure that when you give out your contact information, people can take it with them wherever they go by including designs that include QR codes.

People with smartphones can scan these codes to instantly connect to a website. This is a great option if you aren’t able to include your website address and people might still need it.

If you do have room on your business cards, use that space to make sure people know how to get in touch with you.

You can put your website and other pertinent info right on your card! For example, here is a business card idea from 215 Prints that would be great for lawn care providers.

Business Cards Philadelphia

2 – Pressure Washing Business Cards

If you own a pressure washing business, there’s no reason why your business cards can’t be attractive and powerful. Put your company name and logo in large letters that have a lot of contrast with their background color.

Include your phone number and email address. If not, make sure to include both of those on your website or a place where people can easily get that information.

There’s no reason to overlook contact details as a vital part of your business cards.

For further design inspiration, check out these business cards for pressure washing companies. From bold graphics to simple and effective designs, there’s a style that will fit your company.

3 – Barber Business Cards

Barber Business Cards are a timeless, professional choice: a deck of professional barber business cards can never be overrated when it comes to advertising your business.

You will not only feel proud to give your customers something they can put in their wallets, but you will also find yourself enjoying being able to reach more potential clients.

The best thing about barber business cards is that there are countless ways you can customize them. You have many options regarding what information to put on your card and how you would like it designed.

For example, if you run a chain of salons, then it makes sense to include all of your locations on each card so that customers know where they can find you next time they need a haircut. However, if you only operate one location, then it makes more sense to just list your name and contact information.

If you want to add something special or unique to make yourself stand out from other barbers in town, then feel free!

Check out this example below of painted edge business cards to get an idea of how you can design your own cards. Whether you want a simple yet eye-catching design or something more elaborate, there are countless ways to express yourself.


Make sure that they speak to your barbering style and what your customers need to know when they call or visit your salon. There are so many ways you can create custom business cards that suit your needs and personality!

4 – Bakery Business Cards

Bakery business cards may seem old school, but they’re a great design concept. The visual and tactile connection of a traditional bakery business card really stands out among other competitors.

You could go with all-white or all-brown to represent fresh baked goods, or you could choose contrasting colors to add some pizzazz to your printing job. A bakery business card can be printed on paper stock or even on foil for extra pizzazz!

No matter what industry you’re in, professional business cards are almost essential.

You may think your clients will remember you by name, but they won’t if they don’t have something to keep your contact information on hand at all times.

You can also use a business card as an advertisement for a special offer.


5 – Welding Business Cards

If you’re in a specialized industry or trade and want to let your potential customers know exactly what you do, then a card with a picture of your work is ideal.

For example, if you run a welding business that services the automotive industry, consider creating custom cards with an image of a shiny new car parked next to one of your projects. This lets people know right away what you do.

If you work in any type of construction industry, then it’s important to have a set of welding business cards to promote your services.

These premium holographic business cards are a popular way for men and women alike to advertise their skills. 

6 – Roofing Business Cards

Roofing is a specific niche business with unique challenges and opportunities. If you own a roofing company or are considering it, then pay attention to these business card ideas for small businesses.

They’re specifically tailored for roofers and should give you some creative inspiration as you think about designing your own custom cards. 


7 – Tattoo Business Cards

Tattoo artists are a creative bunch who pride themselves on individuality and style. Hand them a clean, simple business card with their name, and it just doesn’t seem like enough.

If you are always in high demand, but it is difficult to get new clients to trust you, make your first impression a memorable one by giving clients silk laminated business cards with a tattoo design on them.

8 – Car Wash Business Cards

What do you do for a living? Are you ready to start your own car wash business? The first step is creating some cool and professional-looking business cards.

We can provide affordable magnet business cards with more usability than you could imagine.

Go ahead and check out this car wash business cards to help you come up with some fantastic ideas for your own business cards.


Maybe you’ll find a few that you can use right away or perhaps you’ll find something that inspires one of your own original designs.

9 – Junk Removal Business Cards

Junk removal, or junk hauling, is a part of a larger category called trash removal. Trash removal entails collecting household trash and debris (old furniture, appliances, and more) that residents aren’t able to throw away themselves.

Junk removal services are typically offered by companies that contract with large commercial waste disposal firms.

It may also be provided by small businesses that specialize in removing unwanted items from homes. In either case, junk removal business cards should feature information about your company’s offerings and contact information so potential customers can reach you easily.

From pickup services to storage services, Junk Removal Business Cards can help you get in touch with potential customers and form a bond based on your clear understanding of their needs.

If you’re willing to go beyond just throwing away trash, you may find a loyal customer base right in your own neighborhood.

Place yourself out there with our custom uncoated business cards and make sure everyone can find you easily.

10 – Drywall Business Cards

Drywall business cards are one of our most popular designs. You can choose to have a drywall design printed on either a paper card or a thick plastic card. With durable material, these cards are sure to last for years.

Drywall business cards are perfect for plumbers, electricians, general contractors, and home remodelers.

These business cards will make your company look professional while also providing you with a great way to get your name out there. They are great for networking events and handing them out at job sites.

They provide you with an easy way to leave potential customers with your contact information so that they can call you if they need any work done in their homes or businesses.

11 – Doula Business Cards

Doulas are trained labor and birth professionals that help and support women before, during, and after childbirth. Doulas are often business owners in their own right.

Once you’ve decided on your colors and design, get printing. 215 Prints is a great online printing company that will help you get your business cards quickly and affordably.

Tips for Successful Business Card Design

Whether you’re trying to establish a new company or are looking for business cards for your existing small business, it’s important to keep things simple and straightforward.

Not only does a simpler design look better, but it also helps improve your marketing and drive customers to call you — the last thing you want is potential clients distracted by complicated designs.

If you own a small business, designing your own business cards can be a fun and affordable way to promote your brand. By creating your own cards, you’ll have more control over both the aesthetics and the content of them than if you use premade templates, meaning they’ll be more tailored to your specific business

It’s time to get creative! If you already have a good idea of what kind of cards you want, now it’s time to bring that idea to life.

There are several things to consider when choosing a design for your card including company colors, logo, font size and style, and message.

If you have never designed business cards before, it might be helpful to look at other companies in your industry and see how they’ve designed their cards.

How To Print Your Own Business Cards

What’s best for your business? That depends on how much you’re willing to spend and how small you need your business cards bundle to be.

This post highlighted 11 popular, high-quality examples of small business cards from a variety of industries.

The best thing about all of these ideas is that they are easy to replicate, so you can use them as an inspiration and customize them to meet your own needs and preferences.

Get started on designing your own right now with a free online designing tool at your Best Philadelphia Printer 215 Prints!

We have years of experience in small-quantity and short-run business card printing. Our unique and innovative techniques save you money — and time.

We take all pride in our work, producing full-color cards with high-quality Foil stamping, UV glossy finishes, or whatever is required for your custom design.

For more information on our products and services, our design services, or to see examples of our work, contact us today!

Read our Business Cards Printing Philadelphia: Top 11 Design Ideas and the 10 Business Card Ideas in 2022 articles for a whole lot more small business design ideas.

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