Sticky Tack for Walls – The Adhesive That Sticks Around

Sticky tack for walls, more formally known as pressure-sensitive adhesive, has been used for years by carpenters and crafters alike. While there are several different kinds of sticky tack, none can match the versatility of this product created by Mounds View, Minnesota-based Twin Cities Adhesives & Sealants.

Tack was launched in 2010 after being in development since 2007, and it has since become incredibly popular among DIYers of all types. Here’s why you need this amazing product in your life!

Introducing tack

Invented by two Australian surfers, tack is a mounting putty that takes pride of place on any tech-loving DIYer’s desk. This super-sticky, reusable putty sticks to walls and surfaces for quick fixes — or keeps things stuck in place for permanent solutions.

The silicone compound won’t leave any residue when removed and can be reused dozens of times. It bonds to just about anything (glass, plastic, metal) and makes otherwise unattachable items easy to hang — but not permanently attached.

If you need a quick temporary fix while putting off permanent repairs or renovations, tack is your best friend. You’ll find it at Home Depot stores nationwide beginning in June 2017.

What is sticky tack?

sticky tack for walls

It is a reusable putty-like pressure-sensitive adhesive. Think back to when you were a kid, and you would go outside in the summer and use some sticky tack or something similar to play with bugs on your windows.

You’d press it down and then take your hands off of it, leaving an impression of a bug behind. Now fast forward to today, as an adult how do you create that same effect? Well, with adhesive putty reusable!

Three ways to use tack

1. Using sticky putty to mount objects like photo frames or hanging posters. The tack is incredibly sticky and holds many items in place temporarily. Stick it on a poster and you can move it around without damaging your wall or tack up a picture frame without ruining its edges.

2. As a makeshift replacement for double-sided tape (or mounting putty). If you have an object with which double-sided tape won’t work, try using tack instead. It sticks well, but will still come off with minimal damage (compared to super glue).

sticky tack for walls

3. Use as an alternative to keeping your surface mats or cutting boards from slipping on smooth surfaces.

What surfaces can I apply Blu Tack to?

Blu Tack is an adhesive putty that sticks around. And in order to stick around, it needs to hold itself on surfaces; so what surfaces can Blu-Tak be applied to?

According to official sources, Blu-Tak will bond with most materials except for Styrofoam, leather, rubber, and plastic. But really, you should use your own common sense here.

Why does Blu Tack pull paint off the wall?

Blu Tack’s adhesive characteristics may cause paint to peel away from painted plaster, so use caution. When the walls have not been properly prepared before painting or when the plasterboard has insufficient paint.

Blu Tack will stay to the paint surface and gradually fall off with the weight of the thing it’s attached to, taking the paint with it because the paint hasn’t adhered to the plasterboard adequately.

Because Blu Tack grows more adhesive with time, it’s a good idea to use a citrus stain remover to soften the edges before removing it.

Make sure to always roll-off the Blu Tack rather than pulling it off of the walls when uninstalling it.

Why do my posters keep falling off the walls?

It appears on surfaces that have been subjected to high temperatures. Over 70°C, Blu Tack will soften. However, we frequently see this with laminated posters on walls since the surface is non-porous and flexible, allowing posters to slide down the wall in intense heat. Clean and dry surfaces must be free of grease or lose particles.

It is critical that enough Blu Tack is applied on laminated posters. Because Blu Tack is pressure sensitive, the greater the surface area where pressure is applied, the better.

Cut some 3-5cm long pieces (depending on the size of the poster), take the release paper from one side and attach it to the back of the poster, then remove the rest of the release paper and use excellent thumbs. You might also try using double-sided adhesive.

sticky tack for walls

How much weight can Blu Tack bear?

A 0.5 gram of Blu Tack can support 105 grams of weight. Heavy objects should not be held with Blu Tack.

How can I get Blu Tack off Brick Walls?

Blu Tack should not be used on brick walls since it is porous, and because it is a putty, it will become stuck in crevices and be difficult to remove. If this occurs, try gouging out the Blu Tack and hiding it with grout.

How to get sticky tack off the wall?

If you have blue sticky tack on your hands, you can remove it with a little bit of olive oil and a scrub brush. (You don’t want to use soap, because it will just make matters worse.) Spread some oil over your hands, scrub in small circles for a minute or two and then rinse away.

If sticky tack gets stuck to fabric items like clothing or curtains, don’t use any liquid cleaning solutions to try to remove it — the oils from these liquids might damage your clothing.

Does removable mounting putty damage walls?

Removable adhesive putty is a really convenient product for mounting things on walls. But does it damage walls? The honest answer is that no one knows for sure, and removing it can cause damage if you do it wrong.

3 Best Sellers in Adhesive Putty

When it comes to choosing an adhesive putty, there are a few key features that separate one from another. One of these features is stickiness — stickiness can mean varying degrees, but for our purposes, it’s simply about how long a tacky substance will remain in place before needing to be reapplied. Here are the top 3 sticky tacks for walls:

Scotch 2oz Removable Mounting Putty

01- Scotch 2oz Removable Mounting Putty: This wondrously tactile putty (scotch removable) adheres to your favorite poster, photo, or artwork and mounts effortlessly to a variety of surfaces–even rough, painted cinderblock.

02- Loctite, Fun Tak Mounting Putty: Mounting tack putty holds up to 1 lb. and adheres to most clean, dry surfaces like wood, tile, brick, glass, and more. Great for the home or office, this mounting putty is a safe alternative to nails, glues, or staples.

Loctite Fun Tak Mounting Putty

The nontoxic formula easily removes from surfaces and will not dry out.

03- Gorilla Glue Beige 2 oz Mounting Putty: is ideal for hanging lightweight items in place of traditional tapes, push pins, and fasteners. The Gorilla Mounting Putty Squares are non-toxic, removable, repositionable, and long-lasting.

Gorilla Glue Beige 2 oz Mounting Putty

The beige Putty Squares do not show through. Great for use indoors and temporary outdoor use.

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