10 Business Card Ideas in 2022

business card ideas in 2022

In today’s world, business cards are still an important part of any sales or networking process, and many people hand them out at conferences or business meetings. In 2022, however, these small pieces of paper will probably look very different than they do now.

To help you prepare for the future, here are ten of the most exciting business card ideas in 2022 for traditional businesses.

1. Massage Therapy Business Cards

Keep in mind that a business card may be your first point of contact with a potential customer. If you’re in the creative industry, consider printing on colored paper. For example, if you’re creating massage cards for clients like chiropractors or massage therapists, using pink or teal cardstock could help them stand out in clients’ wallets when they need their next appointment.

A fun design can make people take notice of your brand, but make sure to not overcrowd it or overthink the design too much, it should still be easy to read at first glance!

business card ideas in 2022

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2. Housekeeping Business Cards

The world has seen a massive boom in technology in recent years. We may never see what happens next, but one thing is certain: It will make you seem like an eco-friendly business owner, while also proving your sustainability to consumers and business partners.

No matter where you fall on that spectrum, it’s a great conversation starter that will get people interested in working with you. If you want to make an impression on others and drive home your message, recycled housekeeping business cards could be a good way to do it.


Print this in Silk Laminated for a high-quality impression for your clients. Like silk, these will be smooth to the touch while also being durable and vibrant.

3. Hairstylist Business Cards

Modern styles and trends are constantly changing. As a hairstylist, staying on top of these changes allows you to stay relevant, modern, and in demand. Including an up-to-date business card with your hairstyling information on it is one way to highlight your professional qualifications.


Print your card in raised spot UV and create a feeling of three-dimensional texture whenever it is touched, reinforcing your brand experience.

4. Dog Walking Business Cards

Unlike a static business card, a dog walking business card can be exchanged from person to person. If a potential client is interested in your service but isn’t ready to hire, they can give you their contact information and be notified when you become available.


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5. Carpentry Business Cards

The carpentry business card is a unique take on how we interact with business cards today. The concept, which originally gained popularity in 2016, involves swapping out your name for a pattern of your work. In practice, you’d make a small woodcut of something to represent yourself — your logo or an image from one of your projects, perhaps — and write your contact information on it.

If your work doesn’t lend itself well to woodcuts (or if you’re not an artist), there are plenty of other options: You could etch pictures or patterns into metal or stone, give away solar-powered paperweights that double as cards, or hand out compostable wooden cards made from leftover scraps.


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6. Tree Service Business Cards

For years, it’s been suggested that we’ll soon be able to print microchips on our business cards, but the present still offers plenty of chances to make your card stand out. A QR code might, for example, link to your LinkedIn page or website.


This same idea can be translated to postcards and even social media headers. Printing your business card in Raised Foil will array your logo and textures.

7. Police Business Cards

If you’re looking to get a new job or make a personal connection, business cards are still one of the best tools around. Handing out a card with your contact information is much more memorable than simply texting someone and can also spark an idea or relationship later on.


Print your card in raised spot UV to give it a three-dimensional texture that reinforces your brand experience.

8. CEO Business Cards

It’s hard to imagine business cards as anything but rectangular pieces of white paper with some text on them, but card design is changing as more individuals rely on mobile devices.

Codes allow people to quickly access information on a site or even connect with an individual without having to type in a web address or do a lot of research. They make it easy for people to interact and give people simple ways to find out more about your brand. Print this in Silk Laminated for a high-quality impression for your clients.


9. Dentist Business Cards

Some small-business owners take out a separate business line of credit to pay for their monthly expenses. The amount they can borrow against that credit line is based on two figures: how much they have charged on their business credit card over a given period and their personal credit score. While it may be a smart way to handle some of your recurring business expenses, use caution. One way that businesses are incorporating their mobile offerings into their business cards is by using QR codes.


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10. Plumbing Business Cards

Whether it’s a durable water-resistant paper or a unique material that instantly freezes to handle hot-to-the-touch plumbing issues, plumbing cards will be as much of an improvement to business cards in 2022 as the plastic was to paper in 1868. It’s time business cards took on a modern update. Plumbing is already easy, so there’s no excuse not to make it even easier by investing in great business cards that stand out and show your professionalism.


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A miniature version of yourself

It’s not enough to just combine the most recent design trends and call it a day. The trick is to stick to trends that you and your company can relate to, and check the design trend for 2022.

Are you more of retro-techno line art or a brilliantly colorful, bubbly letter kind of brand? Choose carefully since the design choices you make on your business card reflect who you are.

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