What is Soft Touch Business Cards?

Have you ever heard of soft touch cards? If you haven’t, you may be wondering what is soft touch business cards. In today’s fast-paced world, where first impressions matter more than ever, business cards can be a powerful tool for networking and leaving a lasting impression.

While the traditional business type of cards may get the job done, soft touch cards offer a unique and sophisticated approach to conveying your brand message. Soft touch business cards (or suede cards) are made from a special type of cardstock that has a velvety texture, which not only feels great to the touch but also adds an element of elegance to your business card design.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of velvety coating cards, exploring what they are, their benefits, and how to design them to make the most impact, so follow along in this journey with us.

soft touch business cards

The Ultimate Guide to Soft Touch Business Cards: What they are and why you need them

1. How are Soft Touch Business Cards Made?

Soft touch cardstock is made using a special coating to give them a soft, suede texture. This coating is applied over the cardstock and gives the cards an incredibly smooth and luxurious feel. The coating also helps make the cards more resistant to dirt and fingerprints, making them last longer.

Unlike any other business card, the soft touch coating provides a tactile experience, leaving a velvety feeling and pleasant texture. This finish is designed to add more sophistication to your cards, giving them an elevated look and feel.

They have become increasingly popular due to their unique aesthetics. They are perfect for businesses looking to stand out with their marketing materials.

what is soft touch business cards

2. What are the benefits of Suede Business Cards?

Suede business cards are a great way to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on potential customers. Not only do they make a great first impression, but they also provide some other benefits. These cards’ velvet finish and soft suede texture will give any business card a professional look.

The velvet finish and soft suede material used on soft coating business cards make them durable. This ensures that your contact information remains visible after months of use and contact with liquids. Furthermore, because the material is slightly thicker than regular paper, it protects your essential contact information.


In addition to the durability, these cards also have a great tactile feel that can’t be replicated with traditional paper cards. People are much more likely to remember your business when you hand them something unique like a velvet business card. This makes them great conversation starters at networking events or when meeting potential clients.

Finally, the suede finish business cards can also come in various upgrades to help set your business apart from the competition. Whether you choose raised spot UV or raised foil, your soft business cards are customizable.

3. Are there any disadvantages?

Soft suede business cards are trendy for businesses; however, like with any product, there are drawbacks. The soft suede texture attracts oils, which can be a visual dislike for some users.

A suede card finish can be challenging to keep clean and maintain. It may attract dirt and debris more quickly than traditional glossy cardstock.

Additionally, the unique finish can make the cards more susceptible to damage from folding or bending.

what is soft touch business cards

4. Where can I print Soft Touch Business Cards?


Velvet Suede Business Cards might be a perfect choice if you want a unique and lavish way to present your cards. With these cards, you can ensure your clients will especially remember your brand.

But where can you find the best quality soft touch coating business cards? 

At 215 Prints, we offer high-quality soft suede business cards that can be customized according to your needs. Our printing process uses the latest technology to ensure the best results.

If you need samples of our Soft Touch Cards, you can also order a FREE sample paper booklet from our website. You only have to cover the shipping cost of the sample kit you choose.

With a starting quantity of 500 units, we guarantee our products will meet your expectations.

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