Try this Underutilized Effective Advertising Tactic for Small Businesses

Ensure Your Customers Get The Message

Door hangers are an oft-forgotten weapon in the small-business advertising arsenal, but their rock-bottom printing costs — as low as 2 to 8 cents per unit, depending on volume and design — make door hangers an intriguing marketing prospect, especially for cash-strapped businesses. (And what business isn’t these days?) Direct mail, door hangers are very effective marketing tools for small businesses since they are hung directly on consumer doors and have a greater chance of being noticed. Because door hangers must be physically removed from doorknobs, the target audience are likely forced to really look at them.

Strategies to use:

  • Use bright, vivid colors.
  • Dare to be different
  • Use pictures of products and promotions.
  • Advertise a sale, special discount, or coupon.
  • Know your target audience

Door hanger marketing is quick, easy and highly targeted. To learn more about printing custom door hangers, contact us by creating an account and fill out our contact form or by calling 215-592-0707 to speak to one of our customer service representative.

Keep all of the above key points in mind and you will be able to have some very useful and effective door hangers.
Make sure to have your door hangers printed by for the best quality and results.

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