How To Use Rack Cards and Stand Out


custom_rackcardsHow Do Rack Cards Increase Business Profits?

Rack cards are used to get the ATTENTION of potential customers through using vibrant eye catching colors and images. You may have seen a few in hotel lobbies, amusement parks, and very public events to get peoples ATTENTION.

For people coming out of town visiting, rack cards are essential to bringing in buzz and attention to large and small businesses, essentially  making business a lot of profit. Most rack cards are 4″ by 9″ and are usually one or two sided placed into a rack card holder.

How To Begin With Rack Card

First, be aware of your environment. Wherever you choose to place your rack card, it cannot simply blend into the back round. Plain looking rack cards get no attention and will eventually get your bushiness no where. Make the rack cards stand out with colors that contrast the environment around them, that way people notice and don’t over look them.

Second, know your target audience and gear it towards that demographic. For example, If you are advertising your cards in an amusement park make an effort to put children having fun and smiling on your rack cards instead of adults and things deemed not child like.

Third, make sure that you use  colors, fonts, lettering and sizing that are proportionate to your rack card. Potential customers could shy away from rack cards who’s editing and graphics are “loud’ and unorganized. Formulating a great rack cards takes a lot of effort, but will be beneficial to your business in the end.

Do Brochures or Rack Cards Save You Time And Money?

Rack cards are great for business, but better for the customers because it saves them time and energy. Would you rather look through a brochure or a Rack card? A brochure has multiple pages filled with text with distracting pictures that you can’t get through unless you sit down for half an hour.

Many customers have kids and lives to get to and brochures are just not cutting it now in days. With the rise of social media and quick services that are made available in our daily lives, people especially customers are impatient. They say patience is a virtue, but not any more. Rack cards are more of an easier brochure to read minus the extra pages, images and text. So, if you answered the question right to the top of the paragraph, the correct answer would be rack cards.

People would rather look at a rack card, rather than a brochure because it gets straight to the point. Have you ever been in a class room where a teacher is talking and he talks around the point and never gets to the actually topic of the class, well that is a brochure. Rack cards get to the meat of what you want and it depends on you if you want to take the offer. One quick look of a rack card and you know whether you want to do business with that particular company or not.

How Rack Cards Drive Sales 

Rack cards should also be an opportunity to display discounts and coupons for potential customers. Drawing potential customers in with discounts and coupons will get customer to read your rack card more and possibly do business with you right then and there or in the near future . Discounts and coupons should be placed on the front not the back of the rack card, in LARGE font so that it is visible to the customer and draws them in.

Why Rack Cards Are The Future

With rack cards there are  endless possibilities of what is in store for you whether you want to use them to create buzz and profit to your business or use them to make your special events pop, rack cards are used to elevate you in a positive way that lets everybody know that you have a creative style. It doesn’t seem like rack cards will ever be out of business especially the way our society is marketing goods.

Rack cards fits the customers needs by being simple and not over saturated with unnecessary information. Will this mean the end of brochures for good, not really! Many business still have brochures and use them to promote there businesses, but they also know that rack cards can save them money all together.

Are You Ready To Rack Up Your Profits?

Your probably thinking man, now I know what I can do with rack cards and I want to start. So, don’t just sit there, get started and tell your family and friends about what you have learned so far. 215 prints issues blogs weekly and wants you to get started on your rack cards so we have implemented a 10% discount that runs now through 5/27/16.

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