5 Advantages Of Mesh Banners


custom printed mesh bannerMesh Banner

The best solution for outdoor signage just incase of high winds.

What is a mesh banner?

A mesh banner is the best outdoor graphic solution for sport fields, park fencing, scaffolding and building wraps ready for windy conditions.
Mesh banners are lightweight fabric like material that is tightly woven and very strong; the advantage of mesh banners is that you no longer need to cut wind holes. Mesh is ideal for large exterior banner needs: heavy mesh material is flame retardant and resistant to tearing and it is directly printable using UV and solvent inks.
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Mesh banners are ideal for windy outdoor conditions – here’s why:

  1. No longer need to cut wind holes in the banner because the fabric has hundreds of small perforations that allow air to flow it.
  2. Mesh perforations reduce the load placed on both the supporting structure and on the mesh itself which means that a mesh banner highly resistant to wind damage.
  3. Flame retardant mesh complies with Health & Safety and Fire Regulations.
  4. Light weight mesh banner makes it ideal for extra large applications such as buildings and stage backdrops.
  5. Graphics are printed directly onto mesh fabric using solvent and UV inks for photo-realistic quality and increased resistance to fading.

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