9 customer relations tips to read, especially number 4.

Here are 9 customer relations tips that can help you add the personal touch when working with new/existing clients.

  1. littlethingsRemember your customer’s name.
  1. Respond to e-mails right away, even if it’s as simple a message as “I will get back to you shortly as soon as I know the answer.”
  1. Ask questions about your customer and listen.
  1. Make time for your customer and be sure that they know that they are your top priority.
  1. Ask if they need anything else at the end of their order – it will save them the effort!
  1. Offer different solutions to choose from so that your customer feels like they can pick the one that suits them best.
  1. Come in under budget and under time, telling them the longest amount of time their order will take will leave room for you to finish sooner.
  1. Take care of the details — reports, invoices, and any other loose ends – as promptly as possible. Sometimes these steps are as important to customer satisfaction.
  1. Follow up with your customer after their order to make sure they are happy with the finished product.

We practice these steps everyday all day.

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