The 5 Most Popular Laminated Bookmarks Applications

Laminated Bookmarks are an inexpensive and easy way to promote your brand or business, but they can easily become lost or damaged as they travel around with readers. Fortunately, Laminated Bookmarks are an easy and economical way to prevent this problem.

There are also many other laminated bookmark applications that have proven popular among businesses, such as funeral bookmarks, bookmarks giveaways, and other custom personalized bookmarks that you may not have considered before.

Here are the top five most popular laminated bookmarks applications that will help you get started.

1 – Custom Laminated Memorial Bookmarks for Funeral Services and Families

Memorial bookmarks, also known as funeral bookmarks, are a common keepsake handed out at funerals. The custom laminated bookmarks feature a message of comfort and support for those grieving or in remembrance of someone special.

Families usually receive multiple copies so that they can pass them along to friends who may want to offer support.

Since these items are designed specifically for funeral services, you’ll find plenty of styles that feature an array of quotes that capture important life messages and memories.

These Obituary Bookmarks also have space to list information about Funeral Services or other relevant details.

Many families choose to include a phone number and address where they can be reached if people would like to visit their loved one’s gravesite.

These personal touches help visitors know how they can help during difficult times. By distributing a bookmark with these useful details, those in attendance at a funeral can quickly and easily find someone who needs their support.

How to Create your own Personalized Memorial Bookmark?

Personalized memorial bookmarks are a great way to honor your loved ones in a meaningful way.

Whether you want to preserve a special memory or keep something close to your heart, these bookmarks offer an elegant and personal way to do it.

Here are some tips on how to create your own personalized memorial bookmarks:

  • When designing your bookmark, use images that will have meaning for you or your loved one.
  • Talk about a special moment in time, a special quote, or the best piece of advice they used to give that you and your family will never forget
  • Choose colors and font types that bring warmth to your bookmarks and create a timeless aesthetic.

12+ Funeral Bookmark Templates

Use one of these bookmark templates we prepared for you and create something perfect for your next funeral service.

For more FREE bookmark templates, fully customizable, make sure to check all the designs we prepared for you!

2 – Personalized Christian Bookmarks for Churches

A Personalized Christian Bookmark can be a powerful tool for your congregation. For example, take funeral bookmarks.

When someone loses a loved one, they’re often overwhelmed with grief and anxiety – but when you give them a personalized Christian bookmark that quotes Scripture, it helps them gain comfort and hope.

Church bookmarks are great for everyone from visitors to children to new members.

Similar to funeral bookmarks, you can personalize your Christian Bookmarks with verses or song lyrics that connect your congregation with God. Or, use custom laminated bookmarks to spread your mission statement or message of encouragement among church members.

3 – Bookmark Giveaways for Libraries and Bookshops

Bookmark giveaways usually serve as an introduction to your Library, store, or brand. They also offer a sense of familiarity as they are constantly around and therefore remind people of your business.

You can inform visitors about specific book collections, best-sellers, new releases, your opening hours, and other locations they can find you at.

And if your library is giving out free gifts, you will attract more readers. Engage new customers and encourage book discussion among people.

Another benefit of bookmark giveaways is that they’re easy to produce and distribute. You can even add URLs and QR codes so that people can visit your website easily.

4 – Bookmark Marketing for Businesses

Is your business new, or have you been open for years? Whether you are a pizza restaurant or a coffee shop owner, a bar, or a bistro, bookmarks are a perfect and cost-effective marketing tool you can leave in your cashier and handle to your customers.

Promote your specials, an open-mic event, and even a short version of your menu. Write about your history and why customers should visit you now.

Use strategic bookmark marketing ideas to help take off your business in a fun and easy way – and don’t forget to consider customizing bookmarks that have photos of happy people at your place, and the delicious dishes you serve!

Travel agencies can also promote seasonal deals, and the most wanted destinations, and even create a set of collectibles with famous places around the world.

Bookmark Marketing for Travel Agencies and Hotels
Bookmark Marketing for Travel Agencies and Hotels

There are many hotels that have customized travel bookmarks or magnets that they could use during promos and seasons.

These items, once used, would serve as a reminder of their stay in your agency. Some offices even send personalized bookmarks with their clients’ names on them to remind them of their services and give them freebies like discounts or free coffee when they come back for another visit.

5 – Bookmarks for Boys and Girls

There are lots of fun, educational bookmarks for boys and girls out there. You can find quotes, cartoons, and cute designs online – or even create your own customized lamination for an extra special touch.

As a school or bookstore owner, there are plenty of ways to get creative with your custom bookmarks.

Brainstorm with your staff about fun ideas for bookmarks – and make sure you include some that can fit into STEM, social studies, and math lessons as well.

Fun facts like general biology facts for kids in one bookmark could inspire a science lesson. For example, why not create a laminated bookmark that features science fair experiments?

Other Glossy Bookmarks’ Uses

Laminated bookmarks are also a great tool for Animal Shelters and Vets, Museums, Dentists, Gyms, Financial Institutions, Real Estate Agencies, Flower Shops, Beauty Salons and Barber Shops, and much more.

Petting zoos, dog kennels, and animal shelters benefit from custom laminated bookmarks. These businesses frequently have special events at which their loyal customers visit for photos and a chance to pet or hold different animals.

With custom laminated bookmarks, each patron can take home a souvenir with information about your business including your contact information and maybe even coupons. Laminated bookmarks make an impact and encourage visits long after they leave.

If you’re running a museum, chances are you want to keep your patrons engaged and interested. Visitor engagement is high when they’re able to take home souvenirs, so custom laminated bookmarks for museums can be a great marketing tool.

Laminated Bookmarks for Dentists

Dentists can benefit from custom laminated bookmarks for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, you can use laminated bookmarks to advertise your services.

You can also promote special deals for patients who schedule appointments at certain times during specified days or months.

In case you have a gym or a yoga studio, you can use custom laminated bookmarks to promote your fitness services and upcoming events.

You might even consider giving your members special offers or coupons when they come in with their personalized laminated bookmarks. It’s also a great way to build engagement and reward them for using your services.

The opportunities are endless! Using laminated bookmarks makes it easier for patrons to find what they need and it can even increase revenue.

Bookmarks make your marketing efforts stand out without cluttering up desktops or littering trash cans.

If you have questions or need professional design services for your bookmarks, simply feel free to reach out to us at 267-300-0003 and we’ll help you with all of your custom printing needs!

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