Why You Need a Tailgate Decal for Your Truck Today

tailgate decal

A tailgate decal is one of the easiest ways to give your truck some extra attitude and style. They have become increasingly popular in recent years as businesses, politicians, and even hunters are choosing to decorate their tailgates with custom vinyl decals rather than traditional graphics or paint jobs.

Tailgate decals not only look great, but they can be an effective method of advertising and promoting your business or brand while you’re on the road or out hunting. Here are some reasons why you need a tailgate decal on your truck today!

What are Tailgate Decals?

Tailgate decals are affordable accessories that can be used to enhance your vehicle. These come in many different sizes and designs. Many people use a tailgate decal for advertising their business or tuning up its looks.

Sometimes, people even go further and personalize their vehicles with an American flag tailgate decal to show how patriotic they are, for example. 

Any vehicle owner can use these decal graphics but it’s essential to understand how they can be used before jumping in.

What are the different uses for a truck decal?

If you need Jeep Gladiator tailgate vinyl decals or an F150 tailgate decal, know that they can be used for more than just advertising; they’re also great to express your personal style, whether it’s adding American flags or graphics to support your favorite sports team. 

In case you are running for office, a tailgate decal can be used to help your campaign by creating awareness around your city. 


A new and innovative option to help you run your political campaign is by putting some of your key promises on a truck decal. The beauty of it is that unlike, other campaigns where people put up posters and billboards, your truck will follow you around all day as you move around your city, promoting what you stand for.

A tailgate decal allows you to share important messages with potential voters while they’re on their way to work or when they’re taking their kids to school.


The truth is that truck decals have become an important part of any campaign since you have more people to reach out to. Even those who are not interested in voting will see your advertisement and it might prompt them to call or contact you about your campaign issues.

According to research, 52% of Americans own trucks and tailgate vinyl decals are one of their ways of expressing patriotism, political views, favorite sports teams, and lifestyle.

So, whether you’re trying to sell your product or just looking to show off, you have hundreds of customizable designs out there that you can add to your truck today.

Benefits of car vinyl graphics

Car vinyl graphics are affordable, easy to apply and remove, and (best of all) customizable. Whether you’re a small business owner or just trying to keep your vehicle looking in tip-top shape, tailgate decals are an awesome addition to any truck or SUV. 

They can also be used to promote organizations — like churches and charities — or spread political views. Plus, they’re made from super high-quality materials that won’t fall off after one winter season.

If you are looking for: 

  • Unique personalization;
  • Professional look;
  • Showcasing your passion;
  • Promoting yourself;
  • Using it as a marketing tool;
  • Being openly proud of your country, 

then you have a chance to accomplish that by getting the best kind of custom tailgate decals there is.

Make sure your new tailgater reflects your personality

Although you might be into customizing your car or truck, it’s likely that you want to do it in such a way that reflects your personality. 

This means looking at your truck, and how you drive it, to see if there are any areas that would be better with some added flare. 

If you’re a military veteran, marine, or member of law enforcement, your new tailgater should reflect that. For example, you could have a decal that says “Support our troops” on your tailgate.  

Whether you like hunting duck, bird, deer, or all of them, there are many different decals to choose from. And better yet, you can make your own design.

These decals can be customized to whatever size you need to fit your truck’s tailgate and come in a variety of colors to match your truck’s paint job. But don’t stop there; there are even plenty of options that can feature camouflage patterns as well!

You can also add decals to your truck if you want to express patriotism and support for American values. 

american flag tailgate decal

No matter what type of personality you have, there are many ways to customize your truck with custom tailgate decals!

Important things to consider when looking for an online shop to buy car decals

First, make sure that you have selected one of many custom options for your Jeep Gladiator tailgate decals, your Toyota tailgate decal, or your F150 tailgate decal. 

It’s important to choose something that matches your style and personality because these types of vinyl decals are meant to stay on there for several years before you will want to remove them.

When you’re ready to move forward, it’s time to choose where you want your decals placed on your truck. For some people, it may be on their rear door while others may want them on their back window.

It’s your choice! As long as you are happy with where they are located and how big they will be, it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks. Don’t forget that you may need more than one tailgate decal depending on your personal interests.

Then, make sure that you have selected the color options for your truck decals. At 215 Prints, you can design your tailgate decal in any color so you can match it to your truck and make it look stunning, and yet it will be printed in high-quality color premium vinyl.

Simple DIY steps on how to install a vinyl decal on vehicle tailgates

If you’re looking to spice up your ride or need to advertise your business while you’re on the go, installing them yourself is easy as long as you know what you’re doing. 

Vinyl decals can be used with any type of vehicle tailgates, like those on jeeps, trucks, and RVs. You can watch on the 215 Prints YouTube Channel some steps you can follow when installing custom truck decals:

How to design one yourself and get yours today

The best thing about tailgate decals is that you can design your own if you want something specific to your taste; also, it does not matter what vehicle you have.

When designing your custom decals, it is important to consider what you would like them to say, their color, and what material they will be made out of. 


At 215 Prints, there is no fee or expense to use or access our online design tool or our list of templates. This easy-to-use online custom tailgate decal design tool also allows you to change or add text, such as an advertising message or slogan; or even put any logo that you would like on your truck.

Order your personalized tailgate decal today and make sure that your message is heard.

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