Top 10 Marketing Materials for Political Campaigns

Which are the top 10 marketing materials for political campaigns? The answer to this question varies from one person to another depending on what the campaign strategies are, but here’s our top ten list of must-have marketing materials for any political campaign.

top 10 marketing materials for political campaigns
Top 10 Marketing Materials for Political Campaigns – 215 Prints

Your List Guide to the Top 10 Must-Have Marketing Materials for Political Campaigns

Political campaigners need to connect with as many people as possible. They have to reach out to the press and potential voters to get their message heard, but sometimes that proves difficult.

With the help of political campaign printing services, however, your message can reach every corner of your district – and across the country.

Political Banners

With political campaign banners, you spread the word about the seat you are running for. Whether your goal is to secure that seat or make sure it doesn’t go to your competitor, you can use political signs and other marketing materials to create awareness about where you stand on issues.

It’s impossible to overstate how important it is to get your name out there before voting day.

For added impact, you can add logos and graphics to these political banners, making them an essential part of your campaign strategy.

Whether you’re an incumbent looking to mobilize support or someone running for office for the first time, we want to make sure that you have everything you need in order to win.

The standard size of a political banner is 36 wide and 84 tall, but at 215 Prints it can be made to order. The benefit of a vinyl campaign banner is that it can be easily transported and set up by one person.

Unlike any other medium, political banners have an incredibly long shelf life and they help create awareness about the changes you promise and the value you will offer. 

Top 10 Marketing Materials for Political Campaigns – Political Banners

Political Campaign Flyers

Promoting your campaign is hard work; especially when you have to get people’s attention, keep their trust, and remind them why they should vote for you. In order to effectively promote your political campaign, you must have an effective tool at your disposal: flyers.

Flyers are easy to create and can be produced easily in bulk. They’re also convenient because they can be put up all over town or even mailed to voters across state lines.

There are several things to keep in mind when creating political campaign flyers. For example, you’ll want to include your name, occupation, and party affiliation.

Additionally, you’ll want to write a catchy statement about why voters should vote for you, using relevant language that resonates with voters.

Finally, you’ll want to include your campaign website and social media links. That way, people can easily connect with you through social media to learn more about your platform or donate money if they are interested in supporting your cause.

Top 10 Marketing Materials for Political Campaigns – Political Campaign Flyers

Political Brochure

In order to increase name recognition and brand awareness, it’s important to have effective marketing materials.

A political brochure is an ideal marketing tool that can be distributed at campaign events and placed in strategic locations, such as libraries or coffee shops.

It includes essential information about your candidate: contact information, photos, qualifications, platform points — the stuff that’s going to stick with people long after they leave your campaign event.

Most importantly, a political campaign brochure is one of your few opportunities to directly influence voters — so you’ll want to be sure that it’s focused and well-designed.

Consider enlisting professional help in order to ensure that your brochure meets aesthetic and functional expectations. Even if you design it yourself, enlist an outside editor or proofreader who can point out any typos or grammatical errors before you distribute it to the public.

Top 10 Marketing Materials for Political Campaigns – Political Brochures

Political Postcards

Send out your message in an eye-catching, memorable way with political postcards. You can design them to stand out from your competition—or match their design to appeal to their supporters. The important thing is that you’re sending out a clear message about your intentions.

What can you say on your postcards? Well, it’s up to you. You could create them with an eye-catching design, just as long as they are clean and professional looking so they stand out from your competitors.

You could send out multiple designs at once to appeal to more voters or customize your message according to who you’re trying to reach. And of course, be sure that all contact information is correct so people can get in touch with you easily.

Postcards are a great way to keep your name fresh in voters’ minds. Even if you’re not running in an election, you can still send them out to people who have given their contact information at events or fundraisers—or even send them out directly to likely voters.

These marketing materials can help you build more support and keep it up throughout your campaign, so don’t forget to order some postcards today!

Top 10 Marketing Materials for Political Campaigns – Political Postcards

Political EDDM

Ever seen one before? They’re those vinyl political signs you see plastered on street corners and utility poles — and sometimes get stuck in your windshield. But unlike most other kinds of political campaign materials, political EDDM has serious return-on-investment potential.

Because EDDM is delivered door-to-door, it puts your message directly in front of voters who have shown interest in participating in an election.

What’s more, these are people you know will be home when your materials arrive, making it an effective way to save on postage costs and increase your conversion rate.

As with every aspect of campaign outreach, it’s important to get as much information about your audience as possible. If you don’t have direct voter data or analytics, start gathering it before you place your order. If you don’t ask voters their preferences, how will you know what gets them out on Election Day?

In other parts of your marketing campaign, you may opt to go digital. A powerful way to do so is with door hangers, which are mini flyers that you can drop off at any doorstep in your area.

These unique, small posters have been proven time and again to effectively get voters’ attention and drive action. Digital door hangers also include QR codes that allow voters to quickly find out more about your campaign and contact you with questions.

Do you need help drawing a successful EDDM Political Marketing Campaign? Read more here on how to accomplish that, and how to get professional help from the 215 Prints team!

Top 10 Marketing Materials for Political Campaigns – Political EDDM

Political Door Hangers

One of the best ways to reach your constituents is through door-to-door marketing. Political door hangers are cheap and effective, ensuring you’re always in mind when voters head to their polling stations.

Just ensure you get your logo and campaign message correct—it’s amazing how quickly bad design can alienate a voter!

Personalize your door hangers so that they’re relevant to each voter. Don’t overwhelm voters with too much information; stick to your logo, campaign message, and contact details.

Keep it short, sweet, and to the point! Do remember to include any attractive photos—they are often more memorable than words alone.

top 10 marketing materials for political campaigns
Top 10 Marketing Materials for Political Campaigns – Political Door Hangers

Political Stickers

When campaigning on behalf of your political candidate, it’s important to show support through printed marketing materials such as Republican stickers and Democrat stickers. Although some may question their value—thinking they can be lost or thrown away—in fact, they’re one of the most effective tools to maintain your campaign’s awareness.

Not only do they identify you as a supporter (which is essential if you want to be counted among those voting), but they also show other voters that you believe in your candidate.

As illustrated in many campaigns and recent elections, stickers are seen everywhere but also have a significant impact when used by mail or as part of custom signage. By utilizing a wide variety of methods, you can reach voters more effectively and inexpensively than ever before.

Whether used to drive votes or create handouts at events, stickers will ensure your message gets across. So why should you invest in stickers?

At a very affordable price, you can have one of the most cost-effective ways to reach voters and distribute handouts at events and conferences.

By creating stickers, yard signs, flyers, and banners, your campaign can communicate key points with voters and drive attention from potential supporters.

This might be one of the most underrated of the top 10 marketing materials for political campaigns; however, studies show that stickers stick in our minds, as cliche as it sounds — it’s why they can make up an effective tool in political campaigns.

top 10 marketing materials for political campaigns
Top 10 Marketing Materials for Political Campaigns – Political Stickers

Political Bumper Stickers

We all know that bumper stickers are one of the most effective marketing tools for any political campaign. Political bumper stickers may be quick and easy to make, but their effectiveness is undeniable; you can drive around town with your political views and slogans on display, putting your message in front of hundreds or even thousands of people every day.

Even better, people will get used to seeing your name out there and become more familiar with it—creating an increased opportunity for them to vote in support of you when election time rolls around.

The truth is that in any political campaign, you’re going to need to use several different kinds of marketing materials in order to be successful. If you just stick with bumper stickers, there’s a high chance that some voters will view your campaign as unprofessional or low budget, though.

In addition to bumper stickers, you’ll also want to include flyers, posters, banners, and yard signs in your marketing materials.

While these items may be more difficult and expensive to produce than bumper stickers, they’re still important components of any successful political campaign.

A single flyer can reach hundreds of people in just a few hours—put up enough of them around town and you’ll really get your name out there.

Top 10 Marketing Materials for Political Campaigns – Political Bumper Stickers

Political Yard Signs

You don’t have to be a seasoned politician to know that one of the best ways to get people talking about your campaign is with bold and eye-catching political yard signs.

Lawn signs are particularly effective during local elections, especially if you’re running in an area where everyone knows everyone else.

These handcrafted plastic yard signs come in full colors and can be customized with any of your contact details, campaign slogans, or photographs.

They’re durable and weather-resistant, so they’ll stand out wherever you put them. All you need to do is nail them into your grass or easily stick them on your driveway!

Top 10 Marketing Materials for Political Campaigns – Political Yard Signs

Political Posters

For any political campaign, you must ensure your name is top of mind. One way to do that? Political posters with your face on them.

Whether you’re running independently or on a party ticket, you’ll need posters promoting your position to voters. Posters are affordable and effective and can be placed in high-traffic areas for maximum exposure.

top 10 marketing materials for political campaigns
Top 10 Marketing Materials for Political Campaigns – Political Posters

Get in touch today to take advantage of 215 Prints’ fast delivery service within the United States and ensure everyone knows who’s running in your area.

We hope these top 10 marketing materials for political campaigns we selected for you helped narrow down which printing materials you can invest in, and that you have a successful campaign!

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