Don’t waste your marketing efforts with Groupon or Living Social.

no grouponWhy not Groupon or Living Social?

Why is it so beneficial to promote your discounted product/service offers through print rather than any other deal site like Groupon, Living Social, etc?

big reasons not to do deal sites:

  1. It’s not financially savvy to advertise on Groupon. They charge a 2.5% fee to the merchant for any Groupons purchased, and get a 50% cut of the revenue from each coupon.
  2. Groupon and Living Social don’t allow you to target your audience as niche (gender, age, interests, income, and so on).
  3. Deal sites have such high competition that they actually have started to focus on larger businesses, franchises, and corporations. This has pushed the local companies to the bottom. With print, anyone can advertise and reach their audience and be in control of distribution.

Reason Why You should look into EDDM printing…

It is a great way for a small business to saturate everybody in a neighborhood.

Local business such as a convenience store, gas station or fast food restaurant can saturate 100% of their area at a relatively low cost of entry.

The mailer does not need to purchase a mailing list saving additional money.

The business can also mail oversize pieces and have the Post Office deliver them at a low price.

Learn how to start here or call us at 215 592 0707.

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