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Free Website Audit for Bloggers

December 10, 2016

free website audit


How to translate the FREE website audit information that will be emailed to you.

Total Score: The goal is to be as close to 100% as possible

Crawled Pages: Number of pages we were able to crawl and identify searchability issues.

Errors (i.e., duplicate content, internal or external broken links, 4xx or 5xx error pages);
Warnings (i.e., missing meta description, meta words, or H1 headings); and
Notifications (i.e., long URL, external or internal links using rel="nofollow").

This tool is in beta and we’re working to improve it, but it can dramatically help with website optimization now!
After you check all of your issues and made the adjustments on your site to fix them, you can re-run the Site Audit again. This will give you a new Total Score as well as change the number of issues found if there were significant changes made.
Test your website with the SEMrush Site Audit Tool, and speed up the optimization process!

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